As 2012 wraps up—sans a Mayan apocalypse, I might add—I thought I’d give you a highlight reel of the year’s most viewed posts here at This truly is where Geeks and faith unite.

Some of these babies sucked in big numbers the week they were posted. Others are heavy hitters because I rank high on search terms or get repinned like crazy on Pinterest. Every day, several people  find my site by searching for God Opens Doors and What is Spiritual Bondage, for example.

So… here they are: the highest ranking posts of 2012.

But first, here’s my favourite: How To Evaluate Movies From A Christian Perspective. (It’s not what you think).

1. God Opens Doors. What’s Yours? A candid look at divine guidance and what it means for God to “open a door.”

2. Han Solo Vs. Malcolm Reynolds: Who’s the Ultimate Space Cowboy? I asked the question just for fun, and boy did I get a response! The first in a two part blog battle.

3. About Brad Huebert. Aw, you shouldn’t have. But you did, apparently. A peek into who I am.

4. What is Spiritual Bondage? Ever wonder what the Bible says about demonic possession, bondage, and oppression? This post will clear it up for you.

5. How Being a Geek Helps My Faith. One of the first posts in my Geek ‘rebranding’ effort. If you’re new around here, check it out.

6. The Sacred Order of Geeks. A hilarious infographic that explains the Geek world for people who don’t get it.

7. The Geek’s Prayer. The heart of a Geek, laid out before God. Several people said, “Wow, does this ever resonate!”

8. What’s The Best Video Gaming Console of All Time? I have no idea how I rank for this one, but I do. Go figure.

9. Why Geeks Make Great Christ Followers. One of my favorite Geek posts of the year.

10. My Son Noah Gets Caught Texting After Bedtime. True story. Great parenting moment.

Which posts did you love this past year? Any links from other blogs you’d like to share?