Pandora’s Box has just been opened… from the inside. Brenden Fouth and his WebForge team have witnessed the greatest technological breakthrough in human history—and it just escaped into the world wide web.

Haunted by the entity they’ve unleashed, Brenden and his team join forces with the NSA to battle an enemy that defies their expectations at every turn. If they don’t find a way to stop it, civilization will be rocked to its foundations. But how do you fight a digital being capable of bringing every person on earth to their knees—especially when it brings you face to face with the demons of your own humanity along the way?

Are you tired of endlessly seeking, striving, hungering, fighting, and thirsting for Jesus… without ever truly enjoying him?

Just reading about God’s kingdom and intimacy with God rarely leads us into true freedom. That’s why Jesus used parables to help people grasp the power and majesty of the life He came to give us.

Realms is a powerful allegory, like a modern-day Pilgrim’s Progress, that will guide your heart into the new and living way Jesus died and rose from the dead to give you. Learn to live in the heavenly realm… right where you are!

Most Christians struggle to keep up a daily quiet time. Or maybe we avoid daily devotions because it feels like we’re not getting much out of them. And then the guilt kicks in, because we know we really ought to have a daily quiet time.

But imagine… an approach to your quiet time that feels like wading into a living stream. You can enjoy a proven rhythm created by God himself that welcomes you just as you are and helps you go with the flow instead of fighting the current. “Go With The Flow” will show you how to approach your daily time with God simply, naturally and joyfully. You’ll learn how to embrace a current that will help you thrive in your faith and live your whole life saturated by the good news of Jesus Christ.

Imagine the epic love story of the Bible, re-written as an epic fairy tale.

 This short story will open your eyes to God’s love for you in Christ—and the love He’s longing for in return. 

Because people with eyes to see know the truth: Some fairy tales… are true!

The Bible says that a new believer is like a newborn baby, and must grow up in their faith to mature in Christ. Helping new believers grow those faith roots is critically important!

In this short book, you will be equipped with practical steps to help a new believer in Jesus become rooted well in Christ, his family, and his everyday mission!