Most Christians struggle to keep up a daily quiet time and depend on devotional books to structure our time with God because we have no idea how to do it on our own. Often we avoid our devotions because it feels like we’re not getting much out of them.

Imagine an approach to your quiet time that feels like wading into a living stream. You can enjoy a proven rhythm designed buy God, a living way that welcomes you just as you are. Go With the Flow” will show you how  to embrace a current that will help you thrive in your faith and live your whole life saturated by the good news of Jesus Christ. It’s time to go with the flow!

Are you tired of endlessly seeking, striving, hungering and thirsting for Jesus… without ever truly enjoying him?

You’re not alone. Realms is the story of how Jesus rescued me from a soul-smothering religious prison. I’ve turned that story into a powerful allegory that will set you free to discover the new and living way Jesus died to give you.

Learn to live in two places at once—the kingdom of heaven and the physical world. Replace your seeking with finding. Your striving with enjoying. Your hungering with fulness. A fresh experience of faith is waiting!

A simple introduction to prophecy for people who want to explore the prophetic without becoming spiritual weirdos.

Most ‘introductory’ books on prophecy are written by people who have forgotten what it feels like to venture into this realm. This book builds a biblical, practical, simple foundation for the prophetic you can build on for the rest of your life.

In this book, you’ll learn the purpose of the prophetic, how to discern God’s voice, how to start, how to speak the messages God gives you, and how to receive messages given to you!

The Bible is an epic love story that every person on earth God loves every person on earth so passionately that it’s difficult to grasp. That’s why I wrote Beloved.

Beloved recasts the story of the Bible as a true fairy tale, a story that captures the heart and invites us to live it out. If you long to experience the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the gospel in a fresh way, Beloved will take you there.

Research tells us that it takes forty days to make or break a habit. “Now What?” is a practical book written to help brand new believers in Jesus learn the most important habit of all—looking to Christ as a way of life.

“Now What?” is a forty day daily devotional designed to build a strong faith foundation built on Jesus Christ. Readers will learn the basics of the gospel and essential elements like prayer, Bible Study, community, confession, hearing God’s voice, dependence on the Holy Spirit, identity in Christ, forgiveness, worship, witness, mission, and much more!

Okay—let’s say you’ve helped someone put their faith in Jesus. Now what?

New believers in Christ are like newborn babies—they need very specific attention and support to survive. This little book will help you understand what a new believer needs in four critically important categories—Immediately, Daily, Next, and Sooner Than Later.

God can use you to help a new believer become rooted in Christ, his family, and his mission!