My name is Brad and I’m a dreamer.
Jesus is alive and well inside of me, and his mission is to manifest the kingdom of heaven on earth. There’s nothing like being used by God as he does his thing—changing lives, healing the sick, doing miracles, and helping us through the daily grind. It reminds me: the best is yet to come!
I’m a creative.

I was born with a passion to create things. So I write. I speak. I paint. I experiment. I pray. And I love creating things that inspire, equip, and engage other people in experiencing true life. So poke around this site. Subscribe to my blog. Buy some books. Download some resources. Watch some videos. I believe you’ll be inspired and equipped to thrive in your life and faith.

I’m an activator.
I’ve been in ministry since (GASP) 1989, and my passion has been helping people fall in love with Jesus, follow Jesus, experience Jesus, and share Jesus. My calling is to help people come alive. That’s why we planted Manifest Church in 2014: To help everyone everywhere discover true life in Christ.
I’m a family guy.
My wife, Shauna and I have been married twenty-five amazing years and I absolutely adore her. We’ve got three incredible “kids” who aren’t kids anymore and I love my family passionately.