Geeks and Faith

I’ve surfed long hours on the web, cutting through the undulating waves of info for all things geek, absorbing countless blogs and comments and pages and videos along the way. And I’ve realized something. Something that makes me sad.

Geeks often find it hard to fit in within their churches.

They’re often made to feel less than, like something is wrong with them, and most of all that—and this is my favourite—if they would just grow up, they’d leave all their geekish passions behind. So they hide their geekishness behind closed doors.


Some Christians still think going to movies is sinful. Others believe fantasy and all kinds of escapism are a complete waste of time at best and a devilish diversion at worst. Gadgets are a waste of the Lord’s hard-earned money. And video games? Don’t even get them started.

That’s not right. As I’ve said before, being a geek helps my faith. In fact, I’m convinced that geeks make fantastic Christ Followers.

I’d love to introduce myself. My name is Brad, and I’m a total geek. So I’m one of you, and you’re one of me.

I love movies. I’m a gamer. My soul is stirred by epic stories. Most days I believe I’m living in one. Sometimes when I need a boost I hum the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack to myself… and it helps. My God speaks through music and poetry and movies and billboards and blogs and I think all of this matters a whole lot to Jesus.

But even more importantly, I believe you matter a whole lot to Jesus.

So you matter to me.

Growing up is great and all, but I also think it’s important that you keep on being a geek because Jesus came to seek and save the lost and there are lots of geeks out there who think being a geek and being a believer aren’t compatible. We have to show them (show them, not tell them) that—good news!—they’re already accepted just as they are. And primed for being a kick-butt Jesus lover.

So welcome home.

Welcome to the place where no one is gonna roll their eyes at you. You belong here. You may already belong to a church, maybe not. Either way, I want to be one of your pastors. Not your regular pastor, I’m sure he or she is great. I want to be your Geek Pastor. If you’ll have me.

Here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to join The Geek Faith Tribe on Facebook.

I want you to get your geek on. Post links, make comments, talk to each other. The Facebook page is for you, for everyone.

And lastly, I want you to bring your geek friends to meet me here at or at The Geek Faith Tribe on Facebook.


Comment away: How has your church experience been as a Christian geek?

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