I’ve been writing about miracles that not only touched me, but shaped me. Like God speaking my name, and healing my chronic back injury.


When I met Sally (not her real name) she was addicted to drugs, demonized ten times over, deeply entrenched in a drug ring/witch’s coven, and more screwed up than anyone I’d ever met at the time. A mentor of mine invited me to be a part of her deliverance one fateful weekend in a local Bible College prayer room. I had personal experience with the demonic before that afternoon, but those six miracle hours changed me forever. A few ‘highlights’:

  • I watched her neck constrict as invisible snakes choked her, and watched her breathe again as we exercised authority over the spirits strangling her.
  • I learned about authority in Christ, the supremacy of our Saviour, and the power of agreement. There were many moments when my mentor would command something “in Jesus’ name,” and nothing happened until the precise moment when I said aloud, “I agree.”
  • After helping her confess and renounce the sins providing the dark ones a foothold, we invited the Lord Jesus to send angels to escort the foul spirits from us. I watched her pupils dilate and focus on things I couldn’t see, then flit to the edge of the room as she saw the angels drag the demons from her presence. Awesome!
  • Each of ten spirits were dealt with that day, along with just about as many strongholds. I saw first hand how various sins could function as open doors for the enemy to enter through to lay claim to a soul.

Over the next year, under the Lordship and power of Jesus Christ, Shauna and I mentored this girl through many ups and downs. Her deliverance day marked a decisive victory, but it took much longer for the victory to grow roots that couldn’t be ripped from the fresh soil of her freedom.

One day in particular, I was praying yet again for Sally to walk totally free of drugs and the myriad temptations she faced on a daily basis. God stopped me short and said, “Brad, stop praying half prayers.”

“Half prayers?”

“You are praying only for her to come back to ‘par,’ to normalcy. That is not enough. My plan is to use her powerfully for my glory.”

I repented and started praying ‘whole’ prayers for her. Real ‘miracle’ prayers.

Yeah, about that.

We just had lunch with Sally, her amazing husband, and two great kids yesterday. She’s on furlough. She’s been a missionary in the Philippines living in huts for sixteen years, and together they’ve founded a ministry called “Hope for the Island.”

From their website:

Hope for the Island was founded in 2001 on Siargao Island, Philippines. The ministry carved a base out of the jungle and began their mission to share the gospel with the people on the island. We are reaching thousands of people each month through Kids & Youth Ministries, Discipleship Training, Mercy Ministry, a Foundational Learning Center (Preschool), Organic Farm and a Scholarship Fund.

Over 3000 people a month are being reached with the love of Jesus through the ministry of Hope for the Island. Each volunteer at Hope for the Island is walking in obedience to God’s call by extending the hope and love of Jesus in tangible ways to those facing hopeless situations. Through a commitment to relieve the pressures of poverty and empower indigent communities; peoples lives are being transformed as they find their security in the unshakable hope in Jesus alone!

Slowly but surely the walls of corruption and religion are crumbling. The gospel of grace is moving forward and the enemy is being defeated on the ground that he once ruled without opposition! The impact of this can clearly be seen as children. youth and adults set their hope in the unchanging truth of God’s Word!

How this miracle shaped me

Again, how could it not?

Secondly, learning about ‘half’ and ‘whole’ prayers was pivotal for me. God truly can “do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,” and while this verse usually serves as a pie in the sky reminder about untapped spiritual potential, this story is proof that those aren’t just pretty words. This really is far more than I could ever have asked or even imagined! Far too many of my prayers are wimpy, flat, and not all that visionary.

Third, as Shauna said yesterday to our kids, look how powerful our God is! Look what he can do! If he can reach Sally, he can reach anyone.

When was the last time you prayed a ‘whole’ prayer?