It’s time for another episode of “Geek of the Week.”

So let me introduce you to Mary E. DeMuth—a geek, award-winning writer, devoted wife and momma, and a passionate woman of God.

Brad: Good afternoon, Mary. Thanks for being willing to “get your geek on” for this conversation.

Mary: Hello Mr. Geek.

Brad: Yes I am. But before we get into the “geek and potatoes” of this interview, what are your “qualifications” as a geek?

Mary: I was valedictorian of my class. I have received one B+ in my life (2nd year calculus). I love Star Wars (the first ones), and I’m currently geeking on the new Battlestar Galactica.

Brad: Nice. I love the original Star Wars trilogy too. Such a classic. What’s your favorite of the three and who’s your favorite Star Wars character?

Mary: Return of the Jedi. Definitely Han Solo.

Brad: Okay, you really are cool. But I want to poke you about something. Some of us grow up geek and knowing it, whereas I understand you recently had someone point it out to you.  What was it like coming to that realization?

Mary: Scary and a little off putting, to be honest. I was voted “Most Intelligent” in high school, which basically meant “biggest nerd.” I’ve been fighting against that most of my life, and I always equated geek with nerd. I honestly didn’t know there was a distinction, so when a friend said I was a geek, I took offense.

Brad: In some circles being a geek certainly carries a negative connotation or stigma. In others it’s almost a badge of honor. One of my blog posts included the line “Geeks are the new jocks.” Not really, of course, but there is definitely a geek culture blooming out there.

Mary: Well, it’s good to know.

Brad: I’m also finding that a significant portion of the geek culture isn’t exactly “warmed up” to church and Christianity. Personally, I find being a geek actually helps my faith. What about you? How do your “geekish” qualities—intelligence, curiosity, etc., help your faith or ministry?

Mary: It definitely helps if you’re not afraid to ask questions and live in tension. I also see myself anticipating questions of super smart people because that’s the way I process too.

Brad: Knowing your story from your memoir, I understand you’re on an amazing journey of faith and healing—but one that requires keeping things in tension as well. You’re definitely a courageous writer in that regard. For the benefit of my readers, what topics or writing ignites your heart most?

Mary: I love to help readers live uncaged lives, to see where they’re stuck and live in direct, true freedom. This encompasses both my fiction and nonfiction.

Brad: I agree, and your readers really resonate with that. What kind of reader feedback do you get as an author? Do people let you into their stories, share how your writing has touched them, etc?

Mary: Folks send me a lot of stories, their own, actually. I write so people don’t feel alone. Apparently that has worked!

Brad: And I’m so glad for that. Hey, a couple of years ago you asked me and some people sitting over dinner to name our top 3 movies and reflect on what that says about us and our calling. What are your top 3?

Mary: Return of the King, Strictly Ballroom, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Brad: And what has God shown you about yourself through these? What’s the common thread?

Mary: Outcasts finding their groove, then changing the world for the better and setting folks free.

Brad: Wow. That really meshes with your passion for writing. What’s it like to find your “sweet spot” in the kingdom of God like that?

Mary: Pretty darn awesome.

Brad: When I interviewed Randy Ingermanson I asked him this question, so I’m going to ask you as well: If you could choose one superpower, what would it be, and why?

Mary: Flying. I hate travel. This would make my life so much more convenient.

Brad: Except flying up here to Canada, where it’s always winter and snowy.

Mary: I’d need arctic protection.

Brad: Clearly.

Brad: One more thing, Mary. Tell us about your websites/ministry so we can connect with your stuff online.

Mary: My main site is where I chat about living uncaged. My site for writers is Twitter: @MaryDeMuth Facebook:

Brad: Mary, you’ve been a good friend, encourager, and mentor to me and many others over the years. I’m glad you’re a geek, and that God is using you in such powerful ways. Thanks for the chat!

Mary: My pleasure, and may the force be with you!

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