I began the week by saying we’re all a bunch of┬átime travelling zombies.┬áLife can only be lived in the present, but we drift from past, to present, to future and back again, time travelling a thousand times a day. The more we time travel, the more stressed we get.

Check out my post, The Five Indisputable Axioms of Time Travel, for a Dummies Guide to time travel.

Yesterday I explained how we can use a Mall Map to stay anchored in the present. Which is critical, but sometimes we need to think about the past or the future. We can’t always live in the present. So today, I’m going to share a powerful tool that will empower you to time travel safely, without all the stress and mess.

Prayer 2.0

Prayer? Seriously, Brad? I do that. Lots of people pray.

Not like this, they don’t.

Prayer, we all know, is talking to God. But it’s a whole lot more than that.

Prayer isn’t just talking to God about the past, present, or future. Prayer is walking with God into the past, present, or future.

Prayer is time travel.


Think about it: If you’re stressing about the meeting later this week, don’t just talk to God about it. Walk with God into it. Slow down, close your eyes, and in your mind’s eye, take a walk with Jesus into the potential situation you’re stressing about.

Actually go there with him. Then talk to him about what you’re imagining. Tell him about how you’re feeling, what you’re anticipating, what you’re worried about. Invite him to speak to you, to reveal his truth about the scenario. Ask him to work in the situation. Lay specific requests onto his big, all-knowing shoulders.

And more than anything, hear him say, “Okay. Thanks for coming here with me. But now go back to the present and live there. Because I’m already here. I’ve got this.”

Then mentally, back out of the future, return to the present, and enjoy your moment.

When you pray like this, like you’re time travelling into the future with Jesus, you can let go of what’s bothering you because you’ve already seen him there. You’ve spoken about it. You know he’s got it covered.

It gives you amazing peace.

You can do this with memories that keep dragging you into the past, too.

I told you this was cool.

So… have you ever seen prayer in this light before?

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