We’re under attack.

Even if the scriptures weren’t crystal clear about this fact (which they are, see Ephesians 6:10-18), our own lives are full of enough evidence to write entire books about our battles. As a pastor—someone attempting to lead some kind of love-charge into the darkness with the gospel of Jesus—I experience a lot of demonic opposition.

Some seasons are harder than others. In many ways, this past year has been brutal. Even now, as I lead Manifest Church into new territory, the attacks have predictably multiplied.

Why am I telling you this? Because you’re under attack, too—and what God did for me isn’t just for me. It’s for you.

About six weeks ago I sat surrounded by a group of ten fired-up believers, enveloped by their outstretched hands as they prayed for me. One of the men told me that I’ve been tempted to think my faith was weak, but that in reality, my faith was strong. I had weathered a merciless barrage of arrows from the enemy and my shield of faith had held. He said he saw me rising up to the face of the enemy, ready for the next round.

Maybe you can relate. I hope you can, because of what happened next.

“God wants you to look beyond the arrows,” he said. Beyond the arrows. Wow. The enemy has been showering me with arrows, and I’ve defended myself well, but now it’s time to took beyond the archers, beyond the arrows.


Because they’re guarding something. Protecting something. Trying to prevent me from advancing there, from taking that ground, from rescuing those captives. And so, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that’s where I’m going.

And that’s where he wants you to go.

The past month and a bit I’ve been struggling with extremely slow progress recovering from a concussion I received during a car accident. I decided to paint my defiance, paint my faith, paint my reality, paint my future. Here it is: my newest piece, entitled Beyond the Arrows.