I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there it was—Google’s keyword search spat out the results to my query and it sat there, naked, unblinking.


Just forty people per month in the entire United States and Canada—combined—were searching for the answer I was trying to provide.

I changed the search terms. Approached the idea from a different angle. Hit ‘search.’ This time?

Two-hundred and sixty.

I blinked. Then scrunched my brow into a knot. Then face-palmed. The two most common phrases for my topic had a combined audience of just three hundred. People. In a search region that’s home to three hundred and fifty million. People.

I need to say it again: Out of three hundred and fifty million people, only three hundred are searching for what I’m offering in my new ebook:

How to do daily devotions. How to spend time with God.

Which is… uh… odd, considering most Christians I know have no idea how to have their own daily quiet time with Jesus. Or try for a week then give up for three months.

It’s not that Christians don’t care about having daily devotions. Search terms related “daily devotions” in general get a few million hits per month.

But these results are for blogs, books, or resources that do all the work for you. Daily devotions, pre-written, so all you have to do is do your fifteen minute reading, scan a Bible verse, wink at a witty one-liner, pray someone else’s prayer, and move on for the day.

As a long-time Pastor with inside info, I can tell you: Most Christians’ quiet times totally suck. But our grand solution isn’t to learn how to spend time with God, it’s to outsource our relationship with him. And then we wonder why our relationship with God feels so distant, so impersonal!

Into the void

300So, yeah. I boldly offer a little book that helps answer the question almost no one is asking: How can I grow a regular, intimate, life-changing quiet time with God for myself?

The question, to be clear, is one every believer should be asking. And the answer is written right into scripture, is common sense, and as simple as learning to “go with the flow.”

The challenge is simple: Stop outsourcing your relationship with God. Become number three-hundred and one.

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