go-with-the-flowYou can have epic daily devotions.

Most Christians struggle to keep up a daily quiet time. Many of us are dependent on devotional books to shape our time with God because we have no idea how to do it on our own. Or maybe we avoid daily devotions because it feels like we’re not getting much out of them. And then the guilt kicks in, because we know we really ought to have a daily quiet time. Am I right?

But imagine… an approach to your quiet time that feels like wading into a living stream. You can enjoy a proven rhythm created by God himself that welcomes you just as you are and helps you go with the flow instead of fighting the current. “Go With The Flow” will show you how to approach your daily time with God simply, naturally and joyfully. You’ll learn how to embrace a current that will help you thrive in your faith and live your whole life saturated by the good news of Jesus Christ.

It’s time to go with the flow.

1394031_10202423081443573_484475656_n“Brad makes spending time with Jesus accessible and user-friendly, and even more than that, he actually makes it make sense. Using the template of Tabernacle worship, Brad breaks down the different aspects of being with God in a way that is appealing whether you’ve been a Christ follower 1 year or 31 years. He talks about “approaching God in Gods way” and as a person raised in the church, I’ve never heard about time spent with God talked about in such a unique way. Go with the Flow is a smart, easy to read book that will help you meet Jesus in a new way.”

~ Sarah Markley, freelance writer and blogger



“In this precious little book Brad Huebert reveals a radical approach to approaching God. A simple…yet profound…concept that provides for a much deeper, more genuine prayer life. This may very well change your quiet time forever.”

~ Michael K. Reynolds – Author of the acclaimed Heirs of Ireland Series


I think you’re getting the idea. Imagine…

  • Exchanging your dutiful “ought to” motive for a passionate “need to.”
  • Leaving behind the lukewarm land of “want to” to explore the promised land of “love to.”
  • Being washed by the grace and love of God every day.
  • Pouring out your soul to God and being filled with his holy presence.
  • Gaining God’s daily perspective on your relationships, your career, and your calling.
  • A Bible that comes alive in your hands and shapes your life.
  • Actually becoming more like Jesus Christ over time.
  • Daily time with God that leaves you refreshed and focused, full of faith and peace.
  • Expecting to meet with God every single day and not being disappointed.

Experience God like never before. ‘Go with the flow’ now for only $4.99.

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