Sometimes the best way to rediscover something familiar is to look at it through a fresh lens, from a different angle.

Maybe the Bible has gotten stale for you.

The problem isn’t with the Bible, it’s with us—so I want to give you a powerful free lens to rediscover the magic and wonder of Scripture.

It’s an ebook called “Beloved: Some Fairy Tales are True.” Beloved is the story of the Bible, re-imagined as a love story, a fairy tale.

If your heart aches to experience the love of God, if you need to re-ignite your passion for him, Beloved is a match that can strike the flame of a fresh fire for God.

Click here to get Beloved: Some Fairy Tales are True absolutely free. All I ask is this: Once you’ve read it, come back to the Beloved download page and leave a comment about what God did in your heart.

I’m praying for you.

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