Are you a Christ-follower AND a Geek?

This is the official blog of Geek Faith Tribe, the elusive sweet spot “Where Geeks and Faith Unite.”

This blog is for Star Wars fans, Trekkies, Whovians, Browncoats, movie geeks and hero lovers. It’s for comic collectors, Lost lovers, Walking Dead watchers, meme makers and gamers. And the people who love us.

It’s especially for people who are tired of the (usually) unspoken message that if we would just leave our geekish passions and childish ravings behind, we’d have more to offer society. That to follow Jesus means not getting excited about Kaiju or future Avengers plots or endless speculation about who the next Doctor is going to be.

It’s for people who believe their geekishness is how God wired them, that somehow He’s trying to bring their Geekness and Faith together.

It’s for people who believe being a Christian makes them a better Geek, that being a Geek can help them be a better Christian.

It’s for people who recognize their potential for geeking out a little too hardcore for our own good and are looking for faith handles that keep us a little more balanced within our passion.

It’s for people who’s pastor doesn’t understand their geekness and are looking for a pastoral voice who does.

It’s for people that love all the fantasy and sci-fi and tech toys and gaming and 3D cosplay but long for more than this (or that!) world has to offer.

It’s for people that use geekhood to engage more profoundly in life, not to withdraw and escape from it.

If your head is nodding with me, if your heart is saying, “Yes!”, I want to say something important:

Welcome home.

And let me introduce myself. My name is Brad, and I’m a total Geek. So I’m one of you, and you’re one of me.

I’m a movie-lover. I’m a recreational gamer. My soul is stirred by epic stories and most days, I believe I’m living in one. And I think all of this matters a whole lot to Jesus.

But even more importantly, I believe you matter a whole lot to Jesus.

So you matter to me.

Welcome to the place where no one is gonna roll their eyes at you. You belong here. You may already belong to a church, maybe not. Either way, I want to be one of your pastors. Not your regular pastor, I’m sure he or she is great. I want to be your Geek Pastor. If you’ll have me.

How you can jump in:

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