“But he who would be born again indeed,

Must wake his soul unnumbered times a day,

And urge himself to life with holy greed;

Now ope his bosom to the Wind’s free play;

And now, with patience forceful, hard, lie still,

Submiss and ready to the making will,

Athirst and empty, for God’s breath to fill.”

~ George MacDonald, Diary of an Old Soul

What stirs you?

Stillness is a gift, a necessity, a discipline we all need to embrace in order to be whole.

On the other hand, lethargy is strong as gravity, pulling, drawing, sucking, robbing—overtaking us all if we stand still too long.

So I ask again, what stirs you?

What infuses you with vision, energy, passion, focus, and godly desire?

Drink in the word, yes. Pray, always. Worship, listen, obey. Yes.

But we must find divine inspiration wherever it’s hidden.

I’m stirred by epic love stories like the film Last of the Mohicans.

I’m stirred by music that paints a picture on my soul and invites me to dance toward the upward call in Christ Jesus.

I’m stirred by heroism, by integrity, by sacrifice and triumph in the face of pain.

I’m stirred by people who are farther along the path than I am.

I choose to drown my cynicism and waffling in rich eddies of truth swirling around me.

I look for inspiration, I drink it in, I relish it, I feed off of it.

I awaken my soul, shaking my head like I’m driving the night shift and trying not to drift off. Maybe not a hundred times a day, but often.

Don’t wait for inspiration, go find it.