If you’re a regular on this blog, you probably noticed the header graphic and tagline changed drastically over the weekend. These are the first of many adjustments I’m going to make as I zero in on the true calling of this site. Let me explain.

My first attempt at blogging—a floundering experiment in word-barfing whatever crossed my mind—was hosted over at Blogspot until I was informed I needed to migrate over to WordPress. So I found a special place on wordpress.com and called it a day. After a year or two, I was informed that real authors blogged at their own domain, not wordpress.authorname.com. So I migrated over to this site at wordpress.org, a self-hosted beauty with bells, whistles and access to options I never dreamed of in those early days. Ooh, shiny.

I was also informed that I had to focus my blogging on something in particular because people need to know what they’re getting when they show up on my site. Fair enough.

That’s when I coined the phrase, “You need a personal apocalypse.” An apocalypse is a revelation of truth that ends the world as you know it. So my focus became blogging “apocalyptically,” sharing aha insights that were changing my life and perspective. I’ve shared some beauties this past year. The problem was, I didn’t have enough epiphanies often enough to power a regular blog about epiphanies. My focus had become a millstone around my idealistic neck as the pressure to come up with something profound several times per week blogged me down. I struggled with resentment and weariness. Blah.

Another problem? Let’s say you’re a housewife who tuned in because you read a tweet that announced, “I’ve had an epiphany about marriage.” Two days later, another post hit the press—but this time, about church leadership. Later that week, another post was published—about how God speaks to us through nature. Which is awesome, but who is this site for? People who like epiphanies? Sure, but no one on earth will be interested in the bizarre collection of epiphanies I’m having over time. Recently Thomas Umstaddt over at AuthorMedia helped me see that I need to focus on my sweet spot, the place that gives me joy and helps readers know what to expect every time they pop by. Thanks Thomas!

After a whole lot of prayer, listening to God, good advice, and paying attention to my own heart, I’ve realized my true calling here at bradhuebert.com is to gear to the Geek. First of all because I’m a geek at heart and proud of it.

So what can you expect here in the future? All things geek. Darth Vader alarm clocks. Reflections about movies and a thousand other aspects of geek culture. The epic book I’m writing about time travel. Honest thoughts about how all this meshes with Christian faith.

From this day forward, let brad.huebert.com be known as the sacred ground where faith and geeks unite.

Feel free to let me know what you think.