I haven’t written in awhile.

That’s partly because I haven’t had much geekish inspiration, even after watching Elysium and Pacific Rim this summer. Good films, I enjoyed them. Especially Pacific Rim. But my heart never latched on to any writable themes. So there you go.

But part of my lack of writing has been due to a bout of chronic laziness. I’ve been tired, or even better, I just haven’t felt like it. If you whack out blog posts regularly, you know the smack I’m talking about. Keeping up the pace can be tough.

So this is me, tucking in my shirt (not really) and reporting for duty. “I’m Brad, and I’m a weenie.” Hello, Brad.

About a year ago God sat me down and informed me that he’d made me to create, not merely consume.

So this is me, back to glare at the white screen with the blinking cursor.

And here’s you, reading what I’m writing. There’s no snappy graphic on today’s post. Sorry. Baby steps.

But maybe God’s pep talk for me is for you, too, fellow Geek! You too were made to create, not merely consume. We love our movies, our books, our comics, our games. But what are we making? What are we giving?

Is our curiosity selfish, or is it generous? Is our imagination greedy, or is it helpful? Is our down time gaming recharging us so we can spend our lives on others, or is it becoming an ever deepening cave over time?

Maybe it’s time we both re-reported for duty.

Are you in?