As we wrap up a fantastic week of nostalgic movie geekdom, I think we’re ready for the…

My Movie Challenge.*

* The credit for the concept behind this challenge goes to My good friend  Mary DeMuth, an author and speaker I admire a whole lot. 

Don’t worry, you can handle it. The challenge is based on the premise that what captures our imagination tells us a whole lot about who we are. So let’s begin.

What are your three favourite movies?

While you think of yours, here are mine:

1. The Matrix (the first in the trilogy)

2. Gladiator

3. Last of the Mohicans

Got yours? Take your time, it may be painful to narrow down to just three, so if you’ve got four, give yourself a break. Five, you’re fired. Kidding. Next question.

What is the thematic thread running through these stories?

This will take some brain power. A friend of mine took a few days parking on this before his “aha” came. And there may be more than one commonality. Again, I’ll go first.

All three movies feature a noble hero. All three movies spin heroic, sacrificial love stories. All three sagas unfold against the backdrop of a world that’s gone to hell in a hand basket. All three ignite heroes that stick to their guns regardless of the personal cost. All three movies’ heroes find unshakeable nobility in their personal identity. All three movies’ causes are worth dying for.

Now you. And when you’re done…

What does this say about you?

As in, your secret identity, the way your own heart has been wired to function? I believe God can use this exercise to show you a bit more about who you are and what you’re here for. So I dare you to give it a shot.

Me? I don’t often shrink from doing the right thing in the heat of battle, because I know who I am and believe in my life’s mission. Plus, I love romancing my wife. She’s absolutely incredible.

Your turn.

To begin with, why not share your top three movies in the comments section. I’d also love to hear what you find out about yourself.

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