Well, I took a test here that tells you how long you’d survive after the apocalypse. Here’s how I did:apocalypse-survivor

First of all, go take the test. It takes about three minutes. Then come on back and share bragging rights… I saw some guy more than doubled my lifespan. Nuts.

The thing is, though, the most important stat isn’t about how you’d do faced with the end of the world. What I care about is how you’ll do when faced with the end of your world.

Because make no mistake, your world will end. And I’m not some nut job predicting the day that will never arrive. I’m quoting Jesus, who said, “In this world you will have trouble (tribulation).”

It’s going to happen.

  • Cancer will kill.
  • Miscarriage will steal.
  • Affairs will destroy.
  • Accidents will cripple.
  • Careers will crumble.
  • Businesses will tank.
  • Friendships will fracture.
  • Dreams will morph into nightmares.

Your world, the only world you know, is going to end. Probably several times over. And what I care about is, how will you survive that?

There’s only one way to survive the onslaught, never mind thrive through the flood: Clinging to Jesus Christ and embracing his good news while the rest of the world chains themselves to flotsam and jetsam sinking everywhere.

  • His perfect life gives me inspiration, but way more than that. Jesus gives me his righteousness—credit for his perfection.
  • His death sets me free from the penalty of sin—death—and shatters the shackles of spiritual darkness.
  • His resurrection is my gateway to eternal life, a new start, and an overcoming spirit.
  • His Spirit, sent to live within me, makes me a new person with a new nature, a new family, a new mission, and a new power for living.
  • His return and reign gives me hope for this life that anchors my soul in the next world so that what happens in this one can’t possibly defeat me.
  • Even if my faith falters and fails, he’s taken the heart I’ve given him and promised he will never fail. So I will survive. I will thrive. I will conquer both the end of my world and the end of the world.

But that new mission he gave me? That includes you. So I’m pleading with you. Put your faith in Jesus Christ… and become unsinkable. Survive after the apocalypse. And everything in between.