As you may know, I’m a pastor—so this morning’s service is a huge treat for me. I have the opportunity to get preached at. Like, I’ll be sitting in the pews, Bible open, taking notes for myself.

Now that I’m sitting here in the pews with ya’all, here’s what I have to say: Getting more out of church begins with choosing the right attitude. For example:

1. It’s not the preacher’s job to change my life. It’s my job to hear what God has for me, and run with it.

2. I’m determined to get something out of the message. If I don’t, that’s my own fault because God could speak through the phone book if he wanted to.

3. I want the speaker to let me have it. I’m not here to be massaged or coddled. I want to change! I want to grow! Don’t hold back!

4. I’m preparing my heart not just for what the speaker says, but for the “rabbit trails” God has planned for me, the places he wants to take me using the sermon as a springboard. Believe it or not, good preachers get very excited when people do that. It doesn’t mean the sermon isn’t enough; it’s proof that God is using them beyond what they’ve prepared.

5. Take a page from a pastor and listen with the intent to share what you’ve learned later this week. It changes the way you hear truth, how you take notes, how you internalize the message.

6. What else? How do you posture yourself to be touched by God each and every Sunday?