Today I want to take the time to highlight three free ebooks I’ve written over the years. Just click on the links and a PDF will magically appear in your inbox. Enjoy!


What if you woke up one day and found yourself living in the spiritual realm? Everything you once took by faith would be visible to your naked eye. What would that do to your heart? Your walk with God? Finding Home is an immersive parable jammed with subversive truths that will shake your world and change your life.

When we struggle to get closer to God, the typical prescription is a truckload of spiritualized self effort that leaves us discouraged and empty. I’ve been down that dead-end path and back again. Finding Home dissolves the veil between faith and sight to help you embrace the power and majesty of God’s kingdom in your day to day life.

Follow the epic adventures of Ivan, a lukewarm believer who finds himself transported to the heavenly realm where he must choose between two paths—the Old City or the New City. One leads to exhaustion and despair; the other leads to the heart of the King. Which will he choose?

Through Ivan’s journey, experience how to leave the Old City behind and embrace God’s kingdom. This is a story you’ll want to read over and over as you rethink your old assumptions about faith and kingdom life. Which path will you choose?

Click HERE to get the EBOOK VERSION FREE. All I ask is that if God touches your life through reading it, that you blog, FB, or tweet about it.


Beloved is the story of the Bible rewritten as a fairy tale. Revel in the magic and wonder of a King overflowing with a love fierce enough that he would do anything to set us free. Some fairy tales are true… this one can change your life. This story is an ideal witnessing tool.

“A gorgeous, rich tale … a moving story with eternal consequences. May Beloved fly far and pierce hearts with God’s truth.” ~ Elaine M. Phillips, author and speaker

Click here to get the EBOOK FREE. All I ask is that if God touches your life through reading it, that you blog, FB, or tweet about it.


According to my site stats and the number of comments that pile up with them, my posts on parenting seem to strike a powerful chord with readers. In that light, I’ve compiled nearly all the posts from this blog dealing with parenting and packed them into a single ebook for your reading pleasure. You can click HERE to download that PDF.

From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas, and happy reading.