Don’t just dream your dream; live your dream.

This week we’ve been unpacking how to begin living your dream, what happens when your dream is from God, and how to make your dreams come true.

In the cult classic movie The Matrix, Morpheus—a leader endowed with cryptic wisdom—says “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” He meant that when you actually start to live your dream, it looks different than we thought it would.

Live your dream

God motivates us by painting pictures in our minds and hearts. He ignites our imaginations to see a better world than the one we live in. Sometimes, we can almost taste it. If our hearts are soft toward God, it can wreck us in a good way.

And so we get busy partnering with him, doing our little (but daily) part while inviting him to do his miracles.  He blesses. Empowers. Guides. Rescues. Aligns. We choose. We march. We work. We pray. We sacrifice. We bleed.

We weep.

We weep because what we’ve seen in our mind’s eye, the inspiring ideal that motivates us, never quite arrives in the form we dreamed it. This is why we talk about moving towards our dream as if it’s a far off mirage in the distance.

The truth is empowering: Every step you take moves you further into your dream, not just toward it. God’s dream for you isn’t a destination, but a journey. A path, not a product. A role to play, not a position to hold.

In other words if you’re on the path, if you’re in the process, you’re already living part of your dream. We should always hold the completed picture in our mind’s eye, but we have to celebrate every brick laid in the foundation during construction. We praise God for every door that opens, every person that comes alive, every glimpse of heaven we get along the way. Live your dream, today.

We need to learn to focus on what God has done as passionately as we focus on what still needs doing.

Are you on the way? Have you begun to live your dream?

Congratulations, and welcome to your dream. These moments are like the golden ring of light spilling across the horizon as a new day dawns.

 Comment below: How are you living parts of your dream lately?