get-over-myselfIf you’re a regular GeekFaither, you’ve probably noticed my resounding silence on the blog front lately.

Yeah, I needed a break.

Simply put, I was tired. Very, very tired. My emotional gas tank was hacking on fumes, my frustration levels were torqued into the red, and my life started closing in around me.

My priority became tending my own soul, and in particular my union with Jesus Christ. My life-prayer, beyond “Wow, am I fried, please hold me,” narrowed to a single, razor-sharp point:

“Lord, I want to get over myself.”

Over my pettiness. My angst. My selfishness. My pride. My fears. My cowardice. My anger. Over my distractions, my pettiness, my junk. I was sick of myself and the ways I get in the way of my own calling. Maybe you can relate, maybe you’re there with me, maybe you want to start praying that prayer too.

Do it.

“Lord, I want to get over myself.”

And mean it.

For me, the answer came at me in an unexpected way, plunging into the waters of my soul like a cliff diver bent on grasping the bottom of the sea. God the Father lunged for the core of me, confronting my very identity. In particular, my identity in Christ.

What exactly is my old self, my sinful nature, my flesh?

What is my new self, this life in the Spirit, this new and living way where the old has gone and the new has come?

How do the two relate? How should I see my sin in light of them, and my response to it?

Tomorrow I’ll post part of the answer—a powerhouse collection of scriptures that God used to set my feet back on the rock of his perfect work in Jesus.