A soundtrack wields enormous power.

Think Indiana Jones. Star Wars. Chariots of Fire. Titanic. Jurassic Park. Mission: Impossible. Lord of the Rings. Iron Man. The X-Files. Phantom of the Opera.

Each of these projects were successful because they accomplished the same goal: They struck profound chords within our collective psyche. Each one was also paired with an unforgettable soundtrack. In each case, the musical scoring wasn’t just wallpaper, but a thick and powerful thread woven deep into our experience of the story. These productions were soundtracked by gifted professionals.

Your life has a soundtrack.

There may be silent movies, but there are no silent lives.

Everyone’s soundtrack is different. Different beat, different mood, different lyrics (if any), different genre. In fact, just like every movie soundtrack is a selection of songs from various artists, your life soundtrack probably is, too.

A love song, maybe? A ballad or two, a rock anthem, some rap, perhaps some blues? Screamo?

It’s critical that you and I choose the right musical scores for our life’s soundtrack. Why? Because your soundtrack doesn’t just accompany your life. It shapes how you see, understand, and live your life day after day.

Check out this video. It illustrates the power of a soundtrack to shape our experience of something:

Mind officially blown.

Soundtrack your life

So… what if God is trying to write a swashbuckling adventure in your life, but you’re choosing the wrong music? What if you’re making a “Scary Mary” out of what could have been “Mary Poppins?” What if the direction of your life could be shaped, at least in part, by a strategic soundtrack choice?

Going a bit further: What if this soundtrack idea isn’t just a metaphor? What if the music we listen to in real life shapes who we are? What if the soundtrack your life is jiving to is mirrored to some or any degree by your iTunes playlist? What if you can become more deliberate about your soundtrack?

What if you can learn to soundtrack your life like a pro?

Tune in tomorrow to learn how to create a playlist for an unforgettable life soundtrack.

What do you think of this idea of having a soundtrack your life can follow? What are your favourite movie soundtracks, and why?

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