The response to my new book, Go With The Flow, has been incredible to say the least. I set out to write a book that teaches people how to grow an awesome quiet time with God. This is what people have been saying:

“This book offers a different and liberating way for Christians to think of their daily time in prayer and Bible study.” – Joseph Benz

“I gave the book 5 stars — I can recommend it without reservation and trust that God will do something amazing for every single person who actually applies it to his or her life.” – Teddi Deppner

“I appreciate the fresh perspective on devotions and look forward to applying his thoughts to my own quiet times. This is a good read for those who need fresh air breathed into their walk with Jesus.” – Thom Dick

“Bottom Line: Total awesomeness. This will indeed revolutionize my quiet times, just like Brad promised.” – Lindsay Franklin

“This is a short read, but it’s powerful in how it can transform our quiet times. I hope it comes out in print, because I’d but copies for friends who, like me, have struggled with their quiet times. In the meantime, get a copy and read it, and then send a copy to a friend.” – Jon Vonhoff

Well, John, Merry Christmas! Because…

Go With The Flow is now in paperback, available today on Amazon.


Seriously. And it’s only $7.99!

Even better, at the time of this writing, you can save 10% on that price. Woo hoo!

Order yours right now, right here.

And hey…

If you’re a blogger and would like to do a review of Go With The Flow, comment below and I’ll send you a free ebook version.