If you’re a Christian geek, you’re gonna love worship in heaven.


We don’t possess words crazy enough to express how shockingly magnificent it’s going to be. Words get tired, over used, flat. I’m not sure how your church service goes down every weekend, but worship in heaven rocks the foundations of the universe.

Worship in heaven is theatrical.

There will be rainbows, pyrotechnics, lightning, choreography, and earthquakes.

Worship in heaven is loud.

The word “loud” comes up nineteen times in the book of Revelation. The word “quiet,” not once. “Silence” is mentioned just once in Revelation 8:1, where we read, simply, “there as silence in heaven for about half an hour.” People are belting out their praises. Shouting, crying out. There will be rumbling, thunder claps, and choruses so overwhelming that the best way John could describe them was to say, “it was like rushing waters.”

Worship in heaven is colourful.

We’re talking red, smoke, glory, crimson, amethyst, blue, topaz, jasper, green, pearl, purple, gold, carnelian (rust), fire, white, rainbows. Just to get us warmed up.

Worship in heaven is multi-fantastical.

I think I just made up a word, but what I mean is we’ll be joining angels, cherubim, horsemen, beasties with strange heads, and more. Should be awesome.

Worship in heaven is both cutting edge and traditional.

Several times we’re told the congregation sang a new song. But once, they also sing the song of Moses (Revelation 15:3,4). This is very good news. It means a song from earth made it onto the top 40 in heaven. It means we may actually sing the Hallelujah chorus up there. Or “Your Love Never Fails.” Or whatever. So that’s cool.

Worship in heaven is about our God, our Jesus.

Well, duh! But seriously. Worship on earth tends to be about musical tastes and orders of service and pleasing various demographics and sound checks and decibel levels and a thousand things other than God. Worship here tends to be about us, what we get out of it. It should be about God, what he gets out of it. Or better yet, what God gets out of us. In heaven, all the fleshly crap will be out of the way and we’ll be full on consumed by the glory of God.

We’ll see him. In all his aeon-warping, multi-verse shaking glory.

Oh baby. I can almost taste it.

What are you looking forward to about the worship in heaven?