Have you ever wondered how, specifically, to grow deeper in your intimacy with God?


For most of us, intimacy with God is a mystery, and we’re not sure how to cultivate a deeper friendship with Him.

Intimacy is always mutual. One person sharing themselves isn’t intimacy, it’s transparency. Intimacy is about two people sharing themselves with each other. The same is true with God. But how can we do that? Is there anything practical we can do on a daily basis to grow deeper intimacy with God?

Thankfully, yes.

There are many stories in the Bible about regular people like you and I growing deep intimacy with God, but one of my favourite characters is Moses. Moses enjoyed a dynamic and powerful intimacy with God that most of us only dream of. 

The beautiful thing about the scriptures (and God, who wrote them!) is that more than anything else, they are designed to help us connect with God. The real-life stories of biblical saints throughout the ages can help us develop the kind of intimacy with God they experienced. True, our relationship with God will take a different shape, but the principles of intimacy remain the same for us as they worked for them. 

In Exodus 33, several of these game-changing principles for growing intimacy with God are on full display. I remember being so mesmerized by Exodus 33:11 in Bible school that I memorized it:

“The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks with a friend.”

Oh, man! Does’t that stir your heart, your faith, your longing? That’s what I want: Face to face intimacy with God.

If we want that kind of intimacy with God, we need to recognize that our beliefs about God’s presence may just be limiting our experience of God Himself. In the video below, I unpack Exodus 33 in vivid detail, dismantling common mis-beliefs about God’s presence. I also peel back the veil to reveal the beating heart of Moses’ intimacy with God.

Along the way, you’ll learn several valuable, actionable, and life-changing practices you can run with today. As you do, your intimacy with God will grow into new places that change your life and change your world. 

I’m praying for you!

How did this post and video impact you? I’d love to hear about it—just comment below.


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