Have you ever seen or experienced an angel?

I have. Many times.

Years ago I walked through a season of life where Jesus routinely opened my eyes to see spiritual realities. When I say ‘see’ I don’t mean envision, imagine, perceive, or discern. I mean see. With my eyes.

I blogged about one of these experiences here, as I awoke to discover God had given me an angelic ‘hedge of protection’ that filled my room with an otherworldly luminescence.

So cool.

Speaking of angelic protection, years ago I found myself commuting from Bible College down a blustery winter highway in a mounting snowstorm. A few minutes down the road, my car started making funny “whumpwhumpwhump” noises.

Don’t laugh. Sound effects are critical to accurate diagnosis when you know nothing about cars.

As I drove, the sound got worse and my car shuddered with every whump. Meanwhile the wind became relentless, shoving my car from the driver’s side so that I had to wrestle it straight as I barrelled down the highway. I began to pray, asking God to protect me, to send an angel to help me stay on the road.

Several times, the wind bullied my car in gusts so powerful that it slid sideways toward the ditch regardless of what I did with the wheel. And each time, my car was pushed back into my lane, against the wind, as if some unseen hand was acting as my personal guardrail. While my car kept whumping and shuddering.

When I finally arrived back in the city, hit the exit ramp, found a side street, turned left and pulled over to check the car. My jaw dropped as I saw a few ragged strips of rubber hanging listless where the front right tire should have been.

The car shouldn’t have stayed on the icy road.

I shouldn’t have been able to turn the corner.

I should have been in the ditch. Or worse.

Thanks for the angel, God.

Have you ever experienced an angelic intervention? Comment below, I’d love to hear about it!