prayer for geeks


My Geek peeps need you today. Just like I do. So here’s a prayer for geeks like us.

Reach to them, daddy. Reach into them.

As they munch popcorn and watch movies, capture their imaginations with archetypes that bear truth. Freeze frame those moments in their souls, and nag them until they ponder the implications.

As they pore over books that lead them into realms of magic, fantastical beasts and heroic sacrifice, whisper to them with chords of faith that tug their hearts in your direction.

As they blow up bad guys in gaming binges, help them not to numb out, to lose themselves to mindlessness. May they enjoy what they’re doing, within healthy limits.

As they sit in cubicles or pump gas or mow the lawn, wishing their lives were more, show them how they can be more… in You.

If they are tempted to use their geekish interests to hide, indulge, and escape, show them how to use their bent to stand up, to engage, to give.

Remind them that all they love in fantasy and sci-fi are echoes of deeper longings consummated in your eternal kingdom.

Remind them they are caught up in an epic story, that they have a royal identity, a conquerer’s calling, and divine power to demolish strongholds.

Remind them of the millions still in darkness, awaiting the Dawn we bear within.

Teach them to wield weapons of righteousness, truth, and love in the Quest to rescue the lost and oppressed.

Birth in them the resolve to never settle for the imaginary over the real.

Help them to see you in every situation,

To hear your voice,

To follow your lead,

To live by faith.

May the real world become a better place, simply because they are in it today.

In the name of Jesus, may it be so.

Thank you for the Geek Faith Tribe.