A few days ago I went to see Lockout in theatres and it hit me: 2012 has been (and will be) a banner year for movie geeks. I mean, really. I probably even missed a few on the graphic.

Lockout itself? Was fine. Old fashioned sic-fi action flick. Nothing more, nothing less. Guy Pearce and the cast were great, though all they were given were cardboard cutouts to animate. Oh well. The plot was derivative, too, but hey—I have to admit, I enjoyed myself. For one thing, not all sci-fi flicks have to involve saving the entire world. Saving a nice girl here and there is fine too, which Guy does in style.

But back to “Year of the Geek.”

Which has been your favourite Geek Flick this year so far?


Which Geek Flick are you looking forward to most? 

I want to hear from you. Comment away!

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