I’m lying in bed, listening.

My keyboard clickety-clacking sporadically as I type this blog entry.

Battle sounds from my son playing Battle for Middle earth. The orcs aren’t faring so well against the elves, judging by the cheers.

My daughter on the phone with a friend. On speakerphone for a minute. Not anymore. Now she’s into something that sounds like stirring. Now there’s water from the faucet. I hope she’s hung up the phone.

My ears ringing, a hangover from the flu.

A Robin singing his heart out… and defending his territory. Spring is in the air.

A plane flying overhead. We live close to an airport.

A car driving by, it’s tires crackling the gravel sprinkled throughout the winter for traction.

Someone bouncing a ball.

Sounds are the punctuation of life.

This is fun!