A month or two ago suspense author James Scott Bell sent a challenge out through the twittersphere: Create six word loglines for movies you know. Loglines are the little pitches you get on movie posters. So Fellowship of the Ring might read:

“Little Hobbit must destroy bad ring.” Or let’s take Rocky:
“Underdog takes a beating, wins anyway.” Or how about TItanic?
“Big ship sinks, separates lovers too.”

My question today is this: If your life were made into a movie, what would the logline read? This might take a few minutes of work, but it’ll be worth it (and if you need a seventh word, I’ll shun you forever, but go for it). 🙂

Seriously, no crickets chirping on this one (blogland silence). Give it a whirl!

Maybe your logline is “Abused girl rescued, spends life loving.” Or maybe, even more tragic, “Boy grows up, does nothing notable.”

Don’t give in to what feels true right now. If that were the case, this week I’d write, “Numbed man yawns repeatedly, but why?” But if I look at my life through God’s eyes, it’s much different:

“Creative explorer loves Jesus, leads church.”

What about yours?