You can’t lead if you’re not being led.
You can’t lead people where you’ve never been.
You can’t give what you don’t have.
You can’t know what you don’t know.
You can’t love God and hate others.
You can’t serve two masters.
You can’t hold on to your life and enjoy real life at the same time.
You can’t have Jesus as Savior without accepting him as King.
You can’t do anything to influence the love God has for you.
You can’t earn God’s blessing.
You can’t use prayer to move God.
You can’t do anything to get closer to God.


If you’re led, you can lead.
If you’ve been somewhere, you can bring others along.
If you have something, you can share it.
You can know what God reveals to you.
If you receive God’s love, you can love others.
You can serve God alone.
You can let go of your life and enjoy real life every single day.
You can surrender to Jesus as King and Savior.
You can enjoy God’s unwavering love.
You can thank him for his blessing.
You can let God move you through prayer.
You can celebrate God’s unfailing presence.