Every yes is also a no.

Yes, I’ll coach little league is also a no, I won’t be home evenings.

Yes, I’ll work out to get healthy is also a no, I won’t sit on the couch and eat a bucket of ice cream in one sitting.

Yes, Lord is also a no, world.

Every I do is also an I don’t.

At the altar, I do give myself to my wife. Which means I don’t give myself to any other woman.

Every I will is also an I won’t.

I will pitch in around the house when I get home from work also means, I won’t come in the door and expect to be pampered.

I should’s are always I shouldn’ts.

I should be more patient. I shouldn’t lose my temper so often.

Sometimes we forget the second half of our commitments.

The negatively phrased side of our commitments is the cost counting side. It’s the keeper of specific details. When I choose to do something, I’m by definition not doing something else. What is that something else? Or something elses? Name them. Without the negative side, we leave ourselves wiggle room to back out or bail out entirely. It also means we haven’t thought through the implications. We haven’t counted the cost.

That said, it’s not healthy to define ourselves by who we’re not, or what we’re not doing.

The power of a commitment that works is unleashed when we understand and embrace both sides of the coin.