The past few days have been a lot of fun.

Wednesday I drove four hours North from Pasadena to Fresno. Tim Geddert was expecting me in the California room at the M.B. Biblical Seminary by 11:30am. He’s Professor of New Testament at the school, as well as the most enthusiastic (and helpful) supporter of my book, Finding Home. In fact, he’s in the middle of teaching a course on the parables and Finding Home is required reading for his students. Nice.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated how much time I needed to make the trip and arrived two minutes late for his class. When I finally stepped into the doorway, a warm smile ushered me in and an open chair beside him at the front of the class waited for me. I spent the rest of the class answering student’s questions, sharing my heart for preaching and teaching, and reflecting on how to communicate to change lives. Tim and I enjoyed a friendly lunch, and then it was time to connect with my California relatives.

Yesterday I zipped back down to LA to spend time with Chad, Sarah, Hope, and Naomi—the Markley clan—friends I’ve met along my writing journey. Chad and I toured the Griffith Conservatory yesterday afternoon, and the day was capped off by inhaling a gorgeous and greasy burger platter at Ruby’s down in Laguna Beach while trying not to be distracted by forty hormonally dressed prom teens, enjoying a movie on the couch (The Red Baron, and not with the prom kids), and playing Plants vs. Zombies on Chad’s newest toy, an iPad. This morning, church with the Markleys. Tonight, church at Mosaic, held at the Mayan theater in downtown LA. Really looking forward to that.

I’m having a fantastic time, both learning and relaxing. I’m also ready to go home, to smother my wife Shauna in a hug and tuck my children into bed. I’m a bit weary of being on the road, and you can probably tell.

I began this trip wondering what God had for me. It began with exposing my latent anger and venting it (it feels marvellous to live without, by the way). I’ve reflected about a few ministries and some servants of God whom I admire. I’ve been injected with passion and questions and the kinds of ideas that clarify vision and inspire heartfelt preaching. The most important thing, though, is that I care more than I did when I stepped out of the office forty days ago.

Believe me, that’s huge. Cause if you don’t care, what do you have?