The past few weeks have been pure mayhem, a creative maelstrom of prayers, planning, prep, sweat, and tears. Shauna has begun a new position as the children’s ministry coordinator at our church, so both of us have been pretty much living at the church these days. Our kids have watched more than their share of movies to pass the time.

Two weeks ago, her slate of teachers, leaders, and helpers looked dismal. She was panicking. Here she’d just been hired, and the program falls apart. Doesn’t look good. People weren’t returning her calls, still on vacation. Thirteen days before launch. Twelve. Ten. Six. She couldn’t sleep. It was a tough go.

In the midst of it all, I sensed God saying something like, “The ministry will have exactly what it needs to do my will. And Shauna needs to go through this, feel her way through this darkness, come apart in my presence, learn to trust. Don’t rescue her. Let her struggle.”

And all Shauna was getting from God during this season was a cryptic, “wait.”

So I prayed, cared, listened, supported… and didn’t move in to rescue her as she waited. It was so hard to watch. But it was a trust valley for both of us, and here we are, the afternoon after kickoff Sunday… and she had more leaders than she absolutely needed. It’s all come together and then some. “You’d think I’d learn,” she said.

Yeah, all of us can say that kind of thing, and regularly. But notice how crucial it was for both of us to listen.