When you strike a chord, when something you do for God really resonates, those same vibes can bounce right back at you. Well, not exactly the same vibes. I mean the retaliation.

And sometimes, when we’re on the verge of something really, truly great, Satan seems to sense it and gets pre-emtive. In my last post, I talked about a message I was working on called EPIC. I’ve never worked so hard on a Sunday sermon. I probably logged 30 hours on this one!

Why? Because I believed I had a commission from God to do it. Because I’d been gripped by the message myself. The chord had been struck in me first of all, and I was merely passing it on. Something like that.

I had it all ready to go… and then on Friday night, the sound disappeared on my Mac. Yeah. My Mac. Old reliable. Which pretty much rendered my whole presentation (a virtual cacophony of multimedia) dead in the water. I called Apple Care phone support and we tried some things, only to be told that my machine needed the digital version of a vulcan mind wipe. I needed to reformat my whole drive and re-install everything. So I backed up my whole system, spent two hours in the Apple store mind wiping and rebirthing. The sound worked. Praise God!

Nope! I got home, went through the presentation, and the video started flashing funny. Then the sound cut in and out. “Oh Lord Jesus,” I prayed, “Please help!” I eventually transferred my file to Shauna’s mac and used her machine, which was another ordeal of a different kind. But in the end, the whole thing went off without a hitch this morning. “Seamless,” someone said. I’d have to agree. People have been telling me they were deeply moved by God. Yesss. I’m giving God ALL the glory on this one, cause right up until this morning, I was a mess. Then, oddly enough, the peace that passed my understanding invaded me and I was calm as a grinning clam.

So now I have to do another mind wipe and install on my mac. Come to think of it, that sounds refreshing. Maybe I could get me one’a those tomorrow, on my day off. For my brain.