When is “good enough” good enough?

– When the shape something takes isn’t as important as the heart going into it, and the heart is clearly in the right place.

– When “good enough” is a significant stepping stone “below par” to something better.

– When “good enough” was your best work and your best work is what’s been asked for.

– When perfection isn’t required.

– When you can answer these two questions clearly and confidently: “Good enough for what?” and, “Good enough for whom?

When is “good enough” not good enough?

– When it’s used as an excuse of any kind.

– When it’s an expression of frustration and giving up.

– When it’s really about laziness.

– When you’ve set the bar too low.

– When it’s not an expression of our best effort.

– When we know “good enough” isn’t good enough.

– When it’s a sloppy comparison to something lesser used to get us off the hook.

– When we have to hide something to claim it’s good enough.

When effort isn’t the measure and nothing but success will do.