You just gotta love God.

Yesterday I was exhausted, crunched, stressed. This morning I got up, preparing to spend the morning journaling, praying, meditating on scripture. Which are all phenomenal things, practices that make a regular appearance in the rhythm of my life.

God’s answer for my angst arrived through different channels today.

First, a hike along a gorgeous ridge near our home with my camera in tow. The prairie crocuses are just beginning to bloom, poking their furry purple heads through the flattened grasses just in time for Easter. The sun was shining, and it warmed my skin like a passionate kiss from heaven. My soul inhaled pure life and energy, and I snagged some pretty sweet pics along the way.

The final refreshment came from the Nicolas Cage picture I used in my last post. I haven’t laughed that hard in five years.

How has God refreshed you lately?

Maybe it’s time to let go of conventional routines and let him surprise you.