I believe we’re all born with a gravitational pull toward sin. I also believe we all give in to that pull eventually and become actual sinners (people who sin for a living).

I also believe each and every one of us are crippled somewhere by at least one flaw, wound, or weakness big and hairy enough to sabotage all our strengths and giftedness put together. I call this our fatal flaw. 

King Saul, for example, was an incredibly gifted man. The guy had more admirable qualities than I do, that’s for sure. And yet a few fatal flaws in Saul’s character tanked his whole life.

Or take King David. God lover, poet, warrior, King… adulterer.

Or the Apostle Paul: Gifted, anointed, called, powerful, used by God… and proud.

Or Peter: Go-getter, radical faith, black-and-white… and a walking emotional roller coaster.

Or Moses: Epic faith, leader extraordinaire, prophet… with a short temper.

Could it be that if these giants of the faith had fatal flaws, that we do too?

Take little ol’ me for example: Passionate, creative, well-meaning… with a desire to be seen as wonderful that can tend toward people-pleasing.

Not all these folks allowed their fatal flaw to tank their lives. Some of us recognize our fatal flaw for what it is—dangerous, crafty, poisonous—and take steps to compensate for our weakness. So we seek out and embrace accountability. We seek out people to complement our weaknesses. We drink deeply of the grace of God and rely on his presence in our hearts to steer clear of our destructive tendencies.

But know this: There is a weakness inside you, a special sin, a character flaw that should never, under any circumstances be ignored or swept under the carpet. If you don’t have a combat plan to meet it in battle, it will cripple you eventually.

What about you? What’s your fatal flaw?

Do you know what it is?

If you know, what are you doing to prevent it from sabotaging all the good things about you?