I’ve been rethinking faith lately.

We tend to think of faith as something we have or don’t have. It’s like a light switch, we think; either on or off. But what if faith is somewhat less “magical” than we’ve traditionally understood it? What if we all have the stuff (as God gives it), but put it in the wrong things? What if I viewed faith as spiritual currency, like a handful of gold coins I can choose to spend as I wish?

Let’s say I put some faith in my own ability.

I put some faith in my reputation.

I put some faith in money and the security it seems to bring.

I put some faith in the people in my life. In doctors. In friends. In family.

I put some faith in my government, in the laws of nature, in my job, my conversation skills, my will to survive.

Oh, and Jesus. Did I mention him yet? Cause I have a little faith left over that still needs a home.

What if each place I put a little faith got it’s own bar on an equalizer? I think it would be jumping up and down to the unstable music of my life. I lose a little confidence here, gain a little there. I put some faith in so-and-so, then he disappoints me so I take it back. Up, down. Up, down.

What if my faith in Christ “grows” every time I re-allocate the faith I’ve doled out all over God’s green earth, choosing to put more faith, more stock, in Jesus instead?

Maybe he’s got his own equalizer that measures how much faith I put in him, issue by issue. Maybe when it comes to family, my faith is piled up high—but when it comes to finances, the bar is bottoming out.

I think we need to remember, faith is a command. That means its a choice. It’s something we can do. God can’t have faith for us. No one can. When you hear the challenge, “have faith,” think more along the lines of “Put your faith in the right place, and exercise it.” Choose to look to Jesus and put my currency there instead of all the other places I usually put it.

Not on or off. One bar at a time.

Those are some thoughts kicking around my brain.

What do you think? Does this make sense?

What has God been teaching you about faith lately?