No WWJDWWJD, bruddas and sissas? Grab a bracelet and a bumper sticker and change the world.

Personally, I’m glad that well-intentioned, mis-informed movement ran it’s course. Blech. Morality-wise, it had it’s merit. But… What would Jesus do, a generation was addled to wonder… and the subtext we had to swallow was broken glass to the spiritual life: What would Jesus do… if he were here? 

If he were here? He is here, always here, always at work. Always. And so the Blackaby’s Experiencing God material urged us to ask a different, better question: What is Jesus doing (and how can I join him in his work?). Better. Much better. But not there yet. It’s still focused entirely on the doing. 

My question, built on Blackaby’s, is this: How did Jesus live? I want an inside look into his spiritual life, his union with his Father and how that shaped… well, everything else. Which is why the book of John is so jaw dropping for me. John, more than any other writer in the Bible, shows us what a normal Christian life looks like. He does this by laying hold of the radical spiritual pulse of Jesus Christ, the son of God, so we can learn to live and move and think like him.

I’m going to share  a resource I wrote a number of years ago, a collection of verses lifted mostly from John’s Gospel and strung together into a magnificent, paradigm-rocking manifesto. Absorb these truths. Learn to live them out, to let them define and refine you, to wreck and renew you. And watch what happens to your life in Christ!

I dare you to download it. Actually, there are two versions. The first reads like God is explaining everything to you. The second is reworded as a creed for you to live by based on the same truths.

A letter from the Father

Living the Jesus Life

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