I’ve got nothing to say.

Well, nothing all that spiritual.

This past year, some well known Christian bloggers have taken “blogatticals” (breaks from blogging) or even dropped social media altogether. Recently, my friend Sarah Markley, a passionate and successful blogger, asked this question on her blog:

Have you ever felt that any aspect of social media has “sucked” you dry?

It’s a great question, especially targeted at folks who produce the blogs people read. It takes an enormous amount of energy to write well for people regularly. That said, I replied,

“Social media cannot suck a person dry.

Social media isn’t the problem. I am. I think social media proves, in no uncertain terms, how addicted we are to living up to people’s expectations. It also exposes, at least for me, how twisted my motives can get. If I crank out blog posts because I need to, because I need to build my platform, that’s twisted. If I blog because I have something worthwhile to share and I love my readers and I want to share it, that’s the sweet spot. I’ve never been sucked dry by a post I relished writing because I was loving my readers through it. I have, however, been sucked dry by blog posts I have to write because I didn’t write one yesterday or the day before and people are going to stop following unless I meet their expectations.”

Ahem. Which is why, when I have nothing to say, I don’t write anything—blog traffic or not. Momentum-breaking or not. See you later. Maybe.

My goal here at Presence.Voice.Touch., if you’ve noticed, is to walk with God, transparently, in front of you, on purpose. And some days, many days, I have nothing to say. It might be because I need to process what I’m learning before sharing it. It might be because it’s too personal to share. Or, as it happens when I’m really tired, sometimes I just have nothing to say. Some days I’m deep. Some days, I’m thin as paper with nothing written on it and it’s all I can do to make it through the day loving my wife and kids like Jesus wants me to. They come before ya’all do.

I have to do it this way, or I’m selling out. When I say, “I must write for my readers” there is a world of difference between writing for your benefit and writing for your approval. So there you have it.

Have a great day. I’m going to have one of my own… with or without you.