Well, I walked out of my office today. I’m not going back until August 5th. I’ve got a convention in Montreal this weekend, and then I’m officially on vacation.

I’m not a workaholic, so I know good and well that I need this. The past two weeks have been a struggle; yesterday I wrote one Kid’s Club lesson plan and then got stuck on the word “Jesus.” My mind just went blank. Totally useless.

Maybe that’s not a bad note to end on. Jesus. It’s all about him anyway.

On another note, my family is going on a big road trip south, all the way to Disney and back. We’re leaving in a few days.

People have been asking me whether I’m excited about our trip. I am, but honestly, I’m so tired that my emotions are all kinda beige right now. I know I’ll enjoy it, but I’m too tired to jump up and clap.

Truth be told, what I’m looking forward to most right now is lying back all alone in my hotel room in Montreal, attending the convention, watching some movies, sitting in the hot tub, journalling my prayers. Flaking. If I can flake enough, then I’m sure I’ll look forward to the trip. That’s my plan. And my story, and yes, I’m sticking to it.

So that’s it for now.