Shauna and I have been married fifteen years today.

I visited her while she was in the middle of her Starbucks shift and one of the younger girls just got engaged. She was beaming. We mentioned her anniversary, and told her that after fifteen years, a couple could still be newlyweds. In fact, Shauna pointed out, in lots of ways we’re more newlywed today than we were the day we married.

She picked me.

Of all the guys she could have settled on, she picked a gangly Bible College student on his way to becoming a pastor. Wow, am I glad she did.

She picks me.

Out of all the men in the world, she still has eyes only for me. Sigh. You should meet her. Really. She’s gorgeous, radiant, gifted, spunky, and passionate. And she’s mine. God must really, really love me. And trust me. Wow.

I love you, sweetheart. I treasure you, adore you, want you, admire you, like you, need you. Only you, always you.