While we were on holidays our family was invited to a dreamy breach day at Laguna with some friends (thanks, both of you!). The waves were pretty nice, and two of the boys (My Noah and another guy his age) were getting right in there. Yeah, the lifeguard had to come over and remind them of the undertow. The pic there is of them getting in trouble. Hee hee.

I feel like I need that reminder in my ministry right now. I need a lifeguard to pull me aside and say, “Hey buddy. I know you’re eager to get right in there and the waves look pretty sweet. But if you get in too deep too fast you’ll get sucked right under and drown.”

A couple of days ago I couldn’t get into it. Couldn’t engage in ministry like I wanted to. Now, after getting back at it for just a few days, I have a day off already and my temptation is to just do a little work. You know, putter a bit with some of the great ideas God gave me during the Willow Summit. Thing is, I know that even though I don’t feel exhausted enough to have earned a day off, if I get into the habit of letting sabbath get nibbled away, I’ll be in trouble before I know it. I need to draw a line in the proverbial beach sand and not get sucked into the undertow. There’ll be plenty of big waves tomorrow.