My friend had a dream. Two of them, actually — and exactly the same, two nights in a row.

We met for lunch today, and as I listened to him tell me his dream, some stuff jumped to my mind. First of all, they seemed to carry a message. Second, they connected to some current situations in his life. Precise meaning wasn’t clear, so I didn’t venture it, but I did have impressions, and I shared those. He did say that he felt like he was supposed to share it with me. And a few of my comments resonated. He’ll pray about that.

We didn’t resolve anything, but we have a few leads. God is revealing something, albeit slowly. More to think and pray about. Dreams are like that. Hard to nail down, but they can be so powerful! The Bible is full of ’em.

Jeremiah says, “Let the prophet who has a dream tell his dream, but let him who has my word speak it faithfully.” (Jeremiah 23:28). Among other things, this means that the dream isn’t the point; the interpretation is. So unless God clearly shows you his word through the dream (the correct interpretation), don’t fall into the temptation to speak too confidently about what it means. I find people make this mistake often, jumping to conclusions about what God is saying instead of staying in the listening posture and receiving more clarification.