Hey, it’s been way too long since I posted. Sorry. I’ve been a busy bee. A dad working full time while his family enjoys disney. But the main thing is, two nights ago Jesus told me he’d be at Disney yesterday, and I met him.

Not that we hung out, exactly.

First, we got wonderfully accosted by the Disney staff with free dream fastpass laniards, which means that we got to walk past all the long lines on all their best rides. Then the Disney people found us with laniards with pins on them, which you can trade with other staff with pins. They couldn’t believe we won both in one day. So Jesus was in the little perks.

But, as I found out, Jesus was also in the nasty lady in the electric cart that kept bumping into people’s heels — on purpose — to get through the crowd.

He was in the woman dressed to attract unhealthy attention.

He was in the self-absorbed teenagers. And they guy pretending to find his family farther up the line. And… this one boggled my mind most of all — he was even in the perfectly coifed and made up princes and princesses playing bit parts in the parade of dreams in the lazy evening.

What was he doing with people like that? Well, for one thing, the church folks of his day wondered the same thing, often aloud. But he was calling. Reminding me that everyone needs him, from the bum on the street to the supermodel movie star who is still reaching for true meaning in her life. The least of these isn’t necessarily the homeless. It can be the family in the posh spread in Beverly Hills. Surely Jesus taught us that.

It was fun, but I tried, sometimes successfully, to do this Disney thing with my eyes open.