Today I read, “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” (Psalm 139). And God was talking to me, big time.

Today was ordained. Today was a date with destiny, to borrow a cliche. But it’s true.

Ordained means “Fashioned, formed” — like a potter shapes the clay. My day today wasn’t just appointed, it was designed.

And it was designed for ME. Today was MY day. God had me in mind. Me in particular. Wow.

And the best parts are already written down in God’s book. Just think about that for a minute. There is a book on God’s coffee table, and if you turned to the right page, there’d be an entry describing your day, or at least, the day that could have been. You’d see that you were supposed to talk to the guy on the corner. You’d see that the lady you helped across the street was lonely and you made her day. You get the idea.

In other words, I was created for TODAY, and today was created for me. It was a day of potential, of momentous things waiting to happen. It got me thinking:

What does God want me to see today? Think about today? Hear, know, or realize today? What did God design the day to make me feel? Experience? Learn? What did God plan for me to do today? Avoid today? Receive today? It boggles the mind. It means that no day is mere filler. Each day we live is laced with purpose, laden with God moments waiting to happen. Not that they’ll feel equally weighty, but wow.

I was supposed to hear that speaker tonight. Sing those songs. Talk to a guy named Jeff on the plane.

So cool.