Here are 39 random facts about me.

1. It’s my birthday today. Yup.
2. I’m 39 years old.
3. I jumped off my roof fifteen minutes ago because I was locked out of the house. I climbed up to a second storey window, pulled my son up, pushed him through the window so he could unlock the door, and still had to get down somehow (couldn’t fit through the window). It was fun. I still got it, baby…
4. I climbed a mountain yesterday. It was spectacular.
5. My favorite verse… probably Exodus 33:11. Check it out, it’s stunning.
6. I used to think Twitter was stupid. Now I enjoy it thoroughly.
7. My favorite movies: Gladiator, the original Matrix, LOTR trilogy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Majestic, the Incredibles, the Emperor’s New Groove, Meet the Robinsons.
8. I’m a sucker for sci-fi and fantasy.
9. I’m currently writing a mystery/thriller novel. It’s the only place in my life where I kill people off. Really.
10. The other day I wiped out badly jumping off some rocks. I landed in a rose bush. It was a beauty! When I got up, my seven year old son looked at me, wild-eyed, and said, “You’re just like Wolverine!!!”
11. I’m desperately in love with Shauna, my wife. Romancing her is one of the greatest joys in my life.

12. My daughter Glory is my princess. Holding her hand is like going to heaven.

13. My son Joel is my little buddy. His laugh, his insights, his tenacity… wow.

14. My son Noah is my big buddy. He’s so creative, it hurts.

15. I have an exceptionally well trained Cairn Terrier named Hero. “Toto” from Wizard of Oz was also a Cairn.

16. I love to do parkour (free running).
17. I enjoy photography.

18. I love to explore.

19. I love to create. Art is a great outlet. This is a sand alligator I made this summer. It was about ten feet long.
20. I’m actually a mild introvert, even though I’m a pastor.
21. I used to be a youth pastor and loved it thoroughly.
22. Tex Mex is the best food on the planet. Black beans are manna.
23. My mission: To walk with God, wild at heart—and give myself away as he leads me.
24. I don’t think people need pastors to demonstrate a stellar level of spiritual maturity (“one day you can be as wonderful as I am”) as much as they need someone to show them how to grow “you and I are the same, so let’s grow together.”
25. I love John Eldredge’s book, Wild at Heart.
26. I’ve written two books: Take the Plunge: Journey Into Prayer, and Finding Home: A Parable of Kingdom Life.
27. I’ve lived in Texas, California, Alberta, and Manitoba.
28. I’ve heard God speak to me audibly (once).
29. I have seen both angels and demons. The angels are much nicer.
30. I have witnessed and been part of many different physical healings.
31. I wear Merrel shoes. Great for hiking, free running, you name it.
32. I’ve attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference two years in a row.
33. My soul comes alive when I’m next to the sea.
34. My mom’s cinammon buns are to die for. Seriously.
35. My mother in law’s beef roast makes my mouth water.
36. My wife’s cooking in general is so yummy that it would make your grandmother weep.
37. Someday I’d love to be successful enough at my writing that I could do the pastor thing for free.
38. I wish I could sing well, but that’s never going to happen. God knows my heart. And will give me lessons in heaven.
39. I love to change, grow, and learn. When I’m not growing, I feel dead inside.
40. One extra. I want my gravestone to be shaped like a postcard from heaven. I want it to read: “Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.”