Ah, the blank canvas.


A blank canvas is a mountain, daring us to begin our uncertain ascent.

A blank canvas is an invitation, laced with both agony and ecstasy.

A blank canvas is a dare, challenging our resolve. 

A blank canvas is Goliath, looming large and trash-talking our courage.

A blank canvas is uncharted frontier, awaiting our footsteps and wonder.

A blank canvas is a prophetic journey, promising both success and failure. 

It may be…

A fresh page.

A new opportunity. 

An inaugural venture.

A risky prayer.

An audacious ask.

A genuine first.

A new season.

A looming battle.

A frightening question. 

A scary conversation. 

A humbling confession.

 What’s your blank canvas, your new thing, your frontier, your risk, your challenge?

Lean in to God, nice and close… ’till you can feel his heart beating your name. Draw strength from His presence. Sense His Spirit flowing into you, now from within you, now out towards the blankness with His inspiration and power.

Face it in Jesus’ name.

Now break through the invisible wall, the resistance, the insecurity, the unknown, the criticism, the demonic. Defy the darkness that seeks your smallness, your diminishment.







Then praise God.




Can you relate to the blank canvas? Did this inspire you? Comment below.

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