I posted this a year ago or so, and thought I would again with all the rain we’ve been getting. Enjoy!

Playing, pretending, shouting, laughing.

Threatening, darkening, advancing, foiling. 

Stopping, listening, looking, murmuring.

Spitting, spattering, plunking, dumping.

Squealing, scampering, retreating, shutting.

Booming, flashing, rumbling, striking.

Watching, ooh-ing, ah-ing, pointing.

Pounding, surging, gurgling, smothering.

Groaning, whispering, frowning, brooding. 

Soaking, seeping, puddling, mucking.

Waiting, wishing, wanting, humph-ing.

Rising, running, flowing, flooding.

Wowing, wondering, checking, worrying. 

Ebbing, ceasing, clearing, inviting.

Asking, begging, thanking, bounding.

Shining, warming, welcoming, pooling.

Smiling, giggling, splashing, playing.

Soaking, spreading, soiling, staining.

Shivering, dripping, changing, bathing.

Receding, draining, refreshing, blessing.

Snacking, cuddling, praying, sleeping.